Application Examples

Here you see a couple of practical application areas (our former YKI Solutions) within surface analysis, formulation and characterization. Please contact us if you want to know how we can help you with your specific needs.
Analytical Services Cross-fertilization Pharmaceutical Characterization
Our analytical services will give you easy access to instruments for advanced analysis of your samples. New Ideas and faster innovation with cross-fertilization. We offer you advanced characterisation combined with interpretation of the result to help you understand all aspects of your formulation.
Pharmaceutical Formulation Pharmaceutical Services We Know The Feeling
Poorly soluble or difficult API? When your usual formulation solutions don’t deliver the desired functionality for your API, a different approach is needed. We invite you to a one hour free consultation about your specific needs and challenges in pharmaceutical formulation, characterization and trouble-shooting Using our knowledge of tactile perception we can make your product feel right. We help you through the entire formulation process, from design to claim support
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