Emulsions: Formulation and Properties

Join this 5–day course and learn about guidelines that will allow you to replace trial-and-error by a rational, time-saving approach to emulsion formulation!

Emulsions are often complex multicomponent systems whose properties are determined both by the nature of their components as well as by the protocols used for their preparation. Trial-and-error approaches, although very inefficient and time consuming, are often used in the formulation and handling of emulsions.


22-24 May 2013, Know-how session
Stand-alone course. Held by Prof. J.L Salager

Fee: FYF members* 1050 Euro. Others 1155 Euro.

Time: Starts Wednesday at 08.30 (registration and coffee from 08.00) and finishes Friday at 17.15.

27-28 May 2013, Hands-on session
Requires Know-how session by Prof. J.L Salager. Held by SP (Former YKI) specialists

Fee: FYF members* 1050 Euro. Others 1155 Euro.

Time: Starts Monday at 08.30 (registration and coffee from 08.00) and finishes Tuesday at 17.00.


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Learning objectives:

Having completed the course, participants will have gained an understanding of:

  • The principles of surfactant physical chemistry and the interplay of surfactants in aqueous as well as oil phases.
  • The state of the art in formulation of surfactant-oil-water systems, including rational shortcuts to emulsion formulation.
  • How to apply this knowledge when formulating, and reformulating real emulsified products.
  • The necessity to catch up with this know-how, which is not available through university courses.
  • The participants will also be able to take advantage of the technical literature beyond the pedagogical texts.


General course info

Location: SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces, Drottning Kristinas väg 45, Stockholm. How to get here

Participants: People working in research, development and formulation of emulsions as well as researchers and academics interested in how the current knowledge in surface science can be translated into formulation engineering know-how.

Language: English

Payment: All prices are excl. VAT. Swedish companies will be invoiced in SEK. Do not pay until you are invoiced. Fees cover all tuition costs, course notes, lunches, but not accommodation.

Cancellations: Cancellations before 17 April 2013 will be refunded. Refunds cannot be given for cancellations after this date.

Accomodation: Hotels in Stockholm near SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces

Registration opens in January 2013 at


For more information, please e-mail info@sp.se 

Feedback from participants 2012:

 ”It was not only the summary of the latest 40 years of research in the field or a collection of useful references. It has been a revolutionary eye-opener in how to deal with emulsions at any level!”
”I will recommend it to others”
”Very useful, a lot of practical aspects.”


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