Industrial Sectors

Here we present our research in a number of industrial sectors. The sectors are your entry point to our combined competence and resources to solve your technical problems and develop new processes and products.



  • Surface interactions
  • Surface modifications
  • Surface characterisation
  • Tribology
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning formulation.


  • Developments of new molecules with beneficial properties
  • Use of existing registered molecules in new applications


  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Laundry
  • De-inking
  • Surface modifications for facilitate next-time cleaning
  • Antifouling


  • "Green", "clean" and "healthy" formulation
  • Interfacial and nanotechnologies directed at coatings for energy production, energy transport and storage
  • Energy efficiency enhancing technologies


  • Anti(bio)fouling
  • Reduced dirt pick-up
  • Reduced staining
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Improved UV protection


  • We characterise, improve and create novel food products and ingredients.
  • Our research has been particularly devoted to emulsions, powders, and fat based systems


The research within nanostructured materials is aimed at industrial innovation through technical understanding and new materials discovery. Application areas include:

  • Active delivery
  • Novel pigmentation for cosmetics
  • Paper
  • Advanced coatings

Paper and Packaging

  • Wetting
  • Wet-end paper chemistry
  • Surface modification of fibers
  • Novel and sustainable materials based on nanotechnology
  • Integration of new functionalities in future packaging.

Personal and Beauty Care

  • Emulsions
  • Colloid and surface science
  • Particle science


  • Complex liquid formulations
  • Solid and powder formulations
  • Formulation of labile biomolecules
  • Biosurfaces
  • Rational formulation


  • Activation of web materials
  • Preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Preparation of durable, hydrophilic polymer surfaces
  • Functionalisation of polymer surfaces
  • Plasma-deposited barrier coatings
  • Cleaning and activation of polymeric materials for improved adhesion
  • Surface modification of fabrics


  • Stability
  • Rheology and surface tension of inks
  • Wetting, spreading and penetration of liquid inks on paper
  • Adsorption of ink
  • Printed functionality


Our research focuses on technical surface and colloid chemistry. The research type is either client research or open research.» Read more...

Knowledge Centres

In partnership with other institutes, universities and the business sector, we run and cooperate with a series of research centres.» Read more...
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