Understanding the interactions of biomolecules at surfaces is of fundamental importance in life sciences. With the recent explosion in biotechnology companies and their applications, the need to understand the influence of surface chemistry on biomolecular interactions is of critical concern within industry.
We help you with:
  • Surface interactions (molecular interaction with and between interfaces)
  • Surface modifications (both wet and dry methods)
  • Surface characterisation (both chemical and physical)
  • Tribology (biolubrication)
  • Cleaning and cleaning formualtion (particulates as well as biological material)

In the case of medical devices, for example, successful application of an implant is often determined in the first few seconds or minutes by the initial reactions of proteins and biomolecules that come into contact with the material; whereas the rejection or failure of the device may go undetected for a long time (up to many years) due to the body’s natural defense mechanism to encapsulate foreign material.

Thanks to the merger with SP you have access to extensive competence on further aspects of particularly Medtech issues. Biocompatibility tests and CE certification are examples of services.

Measurements of Biolubrication

One area of particular expertise is the application of the AFM colloid probe technique for measurements of biolubrication. The ability to quantify frictional forces at biointerfaces is of crucial relevance for oral and dental applications as well as joint lubrication.» Read more...

Surface Chemical Modification

Surface chemical modification plays a key role in strategies to design functional biosurfaces. There are many examples in which surfaces are required to be resistant to protein, cell or bacteria adsorption.» Read more...

Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies

We specialize in Cleantech solutions within Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies that deliver enhanced energy efficiencies, enhanced environmental profiles and superior performance/cost ratios.» Read more...
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