Developments of new molecules with beneficial properties, as well as use of existing registered molecules in new applications are creative tasks of importance to our customers.


The cross-disciplinary nature of SP, combined with our know-how and tools within the formulation area creates favourable conditions for innovations in the area of chemicals. In particular focus has been on development of surface active ingredients from renewable sources, and more recently cleavable surfactants and prodrugs.


Activites include:

  • Prodrugs, pro-fragrances and insect repellents with slow release profiles
  • Surfactants Based on Natural Products
  • Thermolabile surfactants


Thermolabile Surfactants

Surfactants are often needed in a given product, to enhance wetting and spreading, for cleaning and degreasing puposes or for emulsion stability etc. However, in many applications, surfactants remaining after use of a given product may problematic.» Read more...

Controlled Delivery and Release Technologies

A major focus in the Controlled Delivery and Release Technologies area is the development of truly practical triggerable and responsive delivery systems.» Read more...

Formulation Technologies

Formulation technology encompasses the knowledge of solution chemistry, emulsions, foams, suspensions, regulatory requirements etc. We operates in ten industrial sectors, all with strong needs for advanced formulation science and technology.» Read more...
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