Surfactants Based on Natural Products

In order to promote industrial use of natural raw materials for production of surfactants, YKI coordinated the competence centre for Surfactants Based on Natural Products (SNAP) during the years 1996-2006.
A total of 13 industrial partners and 6 academic departments participated, and 17 PhD students and 2 LicD students graduated within the project. The results spanned from synthesis of synthesis of several isomeric forms of suger based surfactants and enzymatic synthesis of non-hemolytic surfactants for pharmaceutical use to studies of the biodegradability of different linker groups between the hydrophilic and  hydrophobic domains in the natural products based surfactants. Some of the partners from SNAP have continued to collaborate through the VINN-ExI center for Controlled Delivery and Release (CODIRECT) which is ongoing, and is coordinated by SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces.

CODIRECT - Controlled Delivery and Release Centre

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Cleantech - Energy and Environmental Technology

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Our current expertise in the Cleantech area

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