Cleaning is a process that includes the removal of substances from surfaces. It is a process that we meet in our daily life when we for example wash our floors, dishes, cars, clothes, and also ourselves.

Since the result can be immediately observed it is particularly important that the cleaning formulation is efficient. In industry the cleanliness of surfaces can also be important for hygienic reasons, for the production of high-quality protective coatings and in the microelectronic industry.

Environmental impact

The environmental impact and the current and future legislation need to be considered when developing new cleaning formulations, with often complex mixtures of surfactants, polymers and other additives to obtain the desired cleaning efficiency. A trend today is to shift towards more environmentally friendly cleaning processes using for example more environmentally friendly surfactants, lower temperatures, reduced amount of water and surfactant free systems. Certain criteria also need to be fulfilled if the intention is to mark the cleaning formulation with an environmental label, such as the Nordic Ecolabel.

Research areas:

  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Laundry
  • De-inking
  • Surface modifications for facilitate next-time cleaning
  • Antifouling


Oily Soil and Particulate Soil

We have a number of techniques available in house to study both oily soil and particulate soil removal. We frequently use surfactant affinity difference concept and rapid formulation strategies to optimize new cleaning formulations for oily soil removal.» Read more...

Formulation Technologies

Formulation technology encompasses the knowledge of solution chemistry, emulsions, foams, suspensions, regulatory requirements etc. We operates in ten industrial sectors, all with strong needs for advanced formulation science and technology.» Read more...

Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies

We specialize in Cleantech solutions within Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies that deliver enhanced energy efficiencies, enhanced environmental profiles and superior performance/cost ratios.» Read more...
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