The term "clean technology" describes technologies developed by biological, computational, and physical scientists and engineers that enable more valuable use of natural resources and greatly reduce ecological impact, although this may be only one of a technology’s benefits.


Particular focus is on "green", "clean" and "healthy" formulation, and interfacial and nanotechnologies directed at coatings for energy production, energy transport and storage, and energy efficiency enhancing technologies.

Research focuses on:

  • Formulation Technology
  • Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies
  • Nanotechnology and Structured Materials.


Cleantech - Energy and Environmental Technology

Cleantech embraces products, services and processes that are designed to provide superior performance at lower costs, reduce/eliminate negative ecological impact and improve the responsible use of natural resources.» Read more...

Our current expertise in the Cleantech area

Our cleantech research encompasses parts of the areas Formulation technology, Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies and Nanotechnology and Structured Materials. Particular focus is on green, clean and healthy.» Read more...
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