Due to an environmentally-friendly trend within industry and tougher environmental legislations, the R&D focus in the coatings field during the last decade has been on replacing coatings based on organic solvents with water borne systems. Both formulation, and film formation, of water-based systems have been important parts of the research activities within coatings.

There is also a new trend towards introducing new functionalities in coatings. Thus, we have identified the following areas to be of strategic important for the coatings area:

  • Anti(bio)fouling
  • Reduced dirt pick-up
  • Reduced staining
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Improved UV protection
A wide resource

With the merger with the SP group's Chemistry and Materials business we now offer a wider expertise within coatings. Together with other units within the SP Group, for example SP Wood Technology, we offer unique complementary approaches in coatings research including:

  • Weathering
  • Test fields
  • Testing
  • Moisture dynamics
  • Film formation
  • Surface modification
  • Microbiological testing etc.

The different units joined forces during 2006 creating the Scandinavian Coatings Center (SCC) offering solutions and ideas for the coatings industry. The centre can help the industry in areas such as off-shore, protective/anticorrosive coatings, wood coatings and paints for concrete. The centre is world-class in the following areas of competences: surface analysis, formulation, film formation, ageing and durability, surface modification, water migration in wood, service life prediction and depth profile analysis.

SCC - Scandinavian Coatings Center

Our center has unique competences and top-of-the-line equipment. We offer contract research, technical evaluation, testing, investigations and product development within coatings, paint and other surface treatment.» Read more...


We develops new antifouling paints together with the SP group, Gothenburg University and industry in a joint NICe project.» Read more...

Biocides in Coatings

Within the knowledge centre Codirect we join forces with industry to develop architectural coatings with a slow release of biocides.» Read more...
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