Nanocomposite Latex Systems - Coatings

Designing nanocomposite latex systems and incorporating nanostructured particles with different functionalities give extended functionality and protection to coatings.


With this approach you get:

  • Improved properties of anti(bio)fouling
  • Reduced dirt pick-up
  • Reduced staining
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Improved UV protection

Nanostructured latex binders are also developed in the EU-sponsored project "Nanostructured waterborne films with outstanding properties" NAPOLEON. The aim is to produce nanocomposites, which are at a maximum 50 nm in size. It is expected that the domains within the composites will be preserved during film formation.

Also, as a consequence of the small size of the particles they will be better packed resulting in less voids and hence stronger films. Smaller sized particles will also lead to a better polymer inter-diffusion and particle coalescence and that without the need of introducing film-forming aids.

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