A food product is much more than a simple mixture of its individual components: the formulation (composition) and processing have a strong influence on the texture, structure, stability, and not least important, the organoleptic quality and hence the consumer experience.


Many of the factors influencing the properties of a food product are determined by the colloid and surface chemistry of the components.

Food Science at SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces

Deep understanding of the physical chemistry of foods helps us to characterise, improve and create novel food products and ingredients. Our research has been particularly devoted to emulsions, powders, and fat based systems. Typical examples of these product categories are mayonnaise, milk powder and chocolate. More recently, we have also turned to microencapsulation of sensitive ingredients such as fish oil and probiotics, and controlled delivery and release of active food ingredients.

The research in the food area is carried out in consortium projects (SweChoc and CODIRECT), EU-funded projects (ProPraline), and in confidential projects with industrial clients.

Areas of expertise of particular interest to industrial clients include:
  • Emulsion and dispersion formulation, processing and stability
  • Drying technologies
  • Fat crystallisation
  • Microencapsulation
  • Food structuring
  • Microstructure and surface characterisation
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Facilities for preparation of food grade materials for testing

Synthesis and Characterization of Structured Materials

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Biointerfaces and Biosurface Chemistry

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