The research within nanostructured materials is aimed at industrial innovation through technical understanding and new materials discovery.

We develop inorganic materials and organic-inorganic hybrid materials with unique properties. Application areas include active delivery and novel pigmentation for cosmetics, paper and advanced coatings.

Nanostructured Materials

Nanotechnology enables controllable manipulation of matter at or below molecular and supra-molecular length scales and is aimed at commercial utilization. Nanotech has and still is evolving from recent innovations in materials processing and characterization.» Read more...

Functional Nanoparticles

The area of surface engineering of nanoparticulate materials offers new capacities enabling the synthesis and surface modification of different nanoparticulate (mainly metal oxides) materials. » Read more...

Nanotechnology and Structured Materials

We have a multitude of novel materials and processes that acts as a platform, and, together with surface modification and structural and interfacial analysis skills, allows the offering of innovative solutions in the nanotech area.» Read more...
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