Functional Nanoparticles

The area of surface engineering of nanoparticulate materials offers new capacities enabling the synthesis and surface modification of different nanoparticulate (mainly metal oxides) materials.


As the surface chemical properties of these materials to a very large extent dictate their properties in the final application, a large effort will be devoted to modification of the interfacial properties by tailoring the synthesis routes.

Application areas
  • Use of inorganic nanoparticulate additives to functional coatings (UV absorbing clear coats, increased scratch resistance of clear coats)
  • Optical materials (increased refractive index of hydrogels in optical lenses)
  • Adhesives (offering an increased resistance to creep)
  • Electromagnetic shielding coatings
  • Biomedical diagnostic
  • Therapeutic applications

Within the coatings field, we have developed UV-absorbing nanoparticle systems in collaboration with SP Wood Technology. These systems are especially designed to be compatible with water-based clear coats. The initial results are very promising, the particles are well-dispersed in the water-borne clear coating and the film gives strong absorption in the UV-part of the sunlight spectrum.

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