Paper and Packaging

It has been said that the paper industry is the world’s biggest producer of surfaces. Surfaces need to have a functional design for optimal performance in end-uses. We offer deep-going understanding of surface chemistry and surface functionalization with practical knowledge of papermaking, coating and packaging processes.

The research area of Paper and Packaging is of special interest to the pulp and paper industries and their chemical and machine suppliers, the graphic arts industry and their ink and machine suppliers and the converting and packaging industries and their customers.

Activities include
  • Wetting, spreading and penetration of fluids on surfaces and in porous media
  • Wet-end paper chemistry (flocculation, retention, drainage, deinking)
  • Surface modification of fibers, including internal sizing
  • Novel and sustainable materials based on nanotechnology, such as superhydrophobic and grease-resistant for improved barrier functionality
  • Integration of new functionalities in future packaging
Projects within Paper and Packaging

We work in several publicly and industrially financed projects and centres such as Codirect and iPack with surface chemistry of deinking of paper and integration of new functionalities in future packaging. Another example is a VINNOVA-TEKES sponsored project called TAINA, "Tailored nanostabilisers for biopolymeric interfaces and biosensors in packaging and food emulsions", focused on novel renewable raw materials for barriers in cooperation with Swedish and Finnish partners. We were also part of a VINNOVA funded project "Renewable Functional Barriers". This project involved sixteen Swedish-based industrial companies and six other research groups.

High-performance Paper Coatings

The formulation of high-performance paper coatings necessarily requires a strong understanding of the underlying interfacial and colloidal interaction mechanisms.» Read more...

Fiber Surface Modifications within Paper

Within the area Paper and Packaging, a major focus is placed on fiber surface modifications by internal sizing (hydrophobization).» Read more...
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