Fiber Surface Modifications within Paper

Within the area Paper and Packaging, a major focus is placed on fiber surface modifications by internal sizing (hydrophobization).


In the process, paper and board are hydrophobized (sized) to control the spreading and absorption of water-based inks and retard the absorption and edge penetration of liquid packaging by aqueous liquids. Alkenyl ketene dimers (AKD) and alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA) are synthetic sizing agents that are generally used under neutral pH papermaking conditions.

Collaboration projects

We have been involved in two collaborations partly funded by Vinnova and Vinmer. In collaboration with Tokyo University the focus was on fiber modification in collaboration. With University of Jyväskylä the focus was on liquid imbibition studied state-of-the-art instrumentation such as micro-scale x-ray tomography.

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