High-performance Paper Coatings

The formulation of high-performance paper coatings necessarily requires a strong understanding of the underlying interfacial and colloidal interaction mechanisms at play in the wet state and during the dewatering and consolidation processes, involving interactions between pigments, polymers (stabilizers, binders and thickeners) and other coating components.


The distribution of components within the dry coating layer and especially at its surface determines the optical and mechanical properties and printability of the final product.

Superhydrophobicity and applications of Electrospinning

Innovative paper coatings include the area of superhydrophobicity and applications of electrospinning. The aim is here to develop a solid understanding of the basics while applied projects including development of industrially applicable processes. A recent consortium project on superhydrophobic coatings resulted in patent applications in 2007. The fundamentals of superhydrophobicity is examined using AFM force interaction measurements is part of an industrially financed PhD project aimed at hydrophobic interactions between surfaces of controlled roughnesses.

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