Personal and Beauty Care

Our experience in emulsions, colloid and surface science and particle science forms a perfect fit with the needs of the personal and beauty care industry.

In body lotions, make-up and creams, formulation is very important as often emulsion of oil and water are used which can contain various ingredients among which pigments and surfactants.

With our experience in dealing with consumer product research we play an active role in the development of personal care products. This can be in a problem solving fashion but also in the form of in-house developed technologies.

Formulation Technologies

Formulation technology encompasses the knowledge of solution chemistry, emulsions, foams, suspensions, regulatory requirements etc. We operates in ten industrial sectors, all with strong needs for advanced formulation science and technology.» Read more...

Nanotechnology and Structured Materials

We have a multitude of novel materials and processes that acts as a platform, and, together with surface modification and structural and interfacial analysis skills, allows the offering of innovative solutions in the nanotech area.» Read more...
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