Surface and colloid sciences are important enabling sciences in the development of pharmaceutical drug products and medical devices, as support competences or as integral parts of the product development.

Classical challenges in the pharmaceutical area for colloid and surface sciences involve drug delivery and controlled release technologies.

Early formulation challenges with poorly soluble drugs and labile biomolecules are two areas where we have strong expertise. These areas are seeing an increasing need of S&T developments.


Prioritised Research within Pharmaceuticals

  • Complex liquid formulations
  • Solid and powder formulations
  • Formulation of labile biomolecules
  • Biosurfaces
  • Rational formulation

In recent years our activities in the pharmaceutical area have ranged from traditional CRO development projects, to trouble-shooting challenges, and collaborative research projects. Important fundamental research are on-going on topics as novel drug delivery carriers and imaging techniques for solid pharmaceutical drug products.

Nanotechnology and Structured Materials

We have a multitude of novel materials and processes that acts as a platform, and, together with surface modification and structural and interfacial analysis skills, allows the offering of innovative solutions in the nanotech area.» Read more...

CODIRECT - Controlled Delivery and Release Centre

CODIRECT is an Institute Excellence Centre, an important part of Sweden’s new innovation strategy of creating strong R&D environ-ments.» Read more...

Biointerfaces and Biosurface Chemistry

Biological surfaces as surface chemical entities in industrial problems are becoming increasingly important. Significant overlap exists in the areas of adsorption and adhesion in non-biological systems and in the area of membrane self-assembly.» Read more...
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