Polymers are today used for a wide range of applications, for example in coatings, in packages, in adhesives and in polymeric composites.


Our areas of the surface modification activities:

  • Activation of web materials by atmospheric pressure plasma treatments
  • Preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Preparation of durable, hydrophilic polymer surfaces
  • Functionalisation of polymer surfaces
  • Plasma-deposited barrier coatings
  • Cleaning and activation of polymeric materials for improved adhesion
  • Surface modification of fabrics

We are also one of the partners in an EU-project that started at the end of 2008. The aim of the project is to develop a novel polymer processing technology to foam engineering grade thermoplastics. Our role is to provide expertise in surface chemistry, gas diffusion and permeation in thermoplastic solids for granule treatment and gas dissolution in thermoplastic melt streams.

Polymer Composites

We are participating in an EU project that started during 2008 within the area of self-repairing and bruisable composites. The idea is to develop novel fibre-reinforced composite materials that contain microencapsulated polymer spheres containing coloured resins and healing resins.» Read more...


Our main focus is on water-based and hot melt systems in the area of adhesives. This is due to that surface chemistry is of central importance for many water-based adhesives, such as water-based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's).» Read more...

Surface Modification of Polymers

The nature of the surface of the materials increasingly determines its success in almost every industry. This is true whether one is dealing with surface cleanliness, bonding of different components or mechanical performance of the part under conditions of use.» Read more...
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