Surface chemistry is of central importance for many water-based adhesives, such as water-based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's). That's why we mainly focus on water-based and hot melt systems in the area of adhesives.


PSA's are used in a number of different applications; for example in labels, tapes and medical applications. 

Our focus is on migration of different components in PSA systems and the properties and characteristics of the surface and bulk of PSA films. For example some surfactants have been found to display extensive migration to different interfaces in the PSA labels and the impact on the adhesive properties of these labels has been studied.

Mechanical properties

We will also explore the possibilities to improve the mechanical properties of various water-based adhesive systems by incorporation of different nanoparticles into these systems. Different surface chemistries, particle sizes and shapes of the nanoparticles will be investigated. Dispersion of the nanoparticles as well as compatibilisation of the particles with the adhesive matrix is of major importance for obtaining improved properties.

Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are used in many packaging applications, for example in the sealing of boxes of corrugated board or carton-board. We have combined the competences within adhesives and in paper/board in a consortium project in order to increase the understanding of the factors that determine the strength of the adhesive joint in these types of systems. For example, the effect of surface roughness and surface chemistry of the paper/board on the joint strength has been investigated.



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