Technology Area Active Delivery

A more efficient house paint gives you a mould-free house and yourself more time in the hammock instead of having to repaint the house yet again. The scent of your favourite perfume will last all day, and not change. The food keeps its taste during storage so you actually taste it when you eat



The secret behind all of these examples, is a controlled release of your active substance.



Maximise the effect of your substance

The technology area deals with various technologies for delivery of an active substance in a product.

When your product contains one or more high performance (or active) substances, whether they are the key ingredient or giving added value to the product, it is crucial to maximise the effect of these substances. They should act when and where needed, and be saved for that purpose.


Use less of your active substance and achieve more

Using a technology, such as a carrier or a coating, to control the delivery is one way to better utilise your active substances and increase the performance of your product. At the same time you improve the environmental compatibility by not having to use an excess, while minimizing unwanted side effects.


Business opportunities in:

  • Personal and home care
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agro industry


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