Technology Area Formulation

A ban on a functional chemical may call for replacement. An optimization in a recipe may result in an unexpected alteration of the product. Formulation and refomulation of products is often a critical step in your product development.

What can we do for you

  • Development of a tailor-made full formulation, in close collaboration with you.
  • Improve the current function of your product or add new functionality
  • Replacement of components to more environmentfriendly and/or healthier ones. 

Retain formulation balance and function without trial-and-error

If a component in a complex formulation is suddenly banned or for any other reason must be replaced, the internal balance in the formulation is often shifted when replacement compounds are tried by a trial and error approach. Emulsion-products may thereby get an altered stability, and cleaning formulations may become less efficient.

With YKI’s unique concept you avoid this cost-heavy and inefficient trial and error phase. Instead we select the correct compound for a given reformulation task to retain the balance. The strength of the concept is that it is applicable to complex formulations and it may also allow simplifications of recipes. Instead of adding components, we pinpoint the right components working together for the desired function.


Business opportunities

Any industry segment where liquid or solid formulated products are produced, for example:

  • Personal and home care
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair and oral products
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agro industry.


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