New Ideas and Faster Innovation with Cross-fertilization

We have the privilege of working with a broad spectrum of industries. This, combined with a wide academic network, gives us the unique opportunity to bring knowledge from one industry or application to another. Thanks to this knowledge transfer, opportunities open up for new innovations as well as faster and more innovative product development.
By transferring knowledge from paint industry, we
managed to tackle a customer's challenge with a
pharmaceutical coating for controlled delivery
To show you what we mean with cross-fertilization and how it can help you, take a look at these examples where cross-fertilization has been crucial to a successful result:

  • Pharmaceutical Coatings
    Knowledge from paint industry improves pharmaceutical coatings for controlled delivery.
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  • Designing Lubrication
    Better oral lubrication properties of food and pharmaceuticals thanks to knowledge gained from hard surfaces lubrication in mechanical industry.
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  • Deinking of Paper
    Knowledge from cleaning of fibres (laundry) reduces inefficiency and costs in deinking of recycled paper.
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  • Tailored Delivery System For Water Treatment
    Pharmaceutical coatings applied to chemical industry water treatment lead to new patent and application opportunities.
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