One hour free consultation for pharma

Dr Anna Fureby, our expert in pharmaceutical services, invites you to an open discussion about your specific needs and challenges in pharmaceutical formulation, characterization and trouble-shooting, and what we could do for you.
Dr Anna Fureby invites you to an open
discussion on your pharmaceutical challenges.

Dr Anna Fureby

Anna Fureby has worked at YKI since 1999 and specialises in powder technology, drying technologies, and biopharmaceuticals.

Anna Fureby is your preferred Science Partner if you have formulation challenges in e.g:

  • Powders
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Poorly soluble substances


Adhesion and stickiness

  • Friction and lubrication
  • Particle interactions
  • Loading and release

Watch a movie about how applied knowledge of surface chemistry among other things can improve pharmaceutical products:

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First hour consultation is free!

Contact Dr. Anna Fureby for further information or with your requests.


Examples of our services for pharmaceutical industry


  • Liquids
  • Gels
  • Semi-solids
  • Powders/tablets


Advanced analyses

Trouble shooting


Poorly soluble or difficult API?

When your usual formulation solutions don’t deliver the desired functionality for your API, a different approach is needed. We help you pinpoint the exact problem and provide the most effective reformulation.» Read more...

Improve your product's performance with accurate characterisation

You want to ensure consistent quality and performance of your formulated product. We offer you advanced characterisation combined with interpretation of the result to help you understand all aspects of your formulation.» Read more...


We have a unique combination of instruments in the area of surface and colloid science.» Read more...

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