Knowledge Centres

In partnership with other institutes, universities and the business sector, we run and cooperate with a series of research centres.


Research centres are important in creating strong research and innovation milieux. They are effective tools which allow urgent research to be tackled on a broad front. Collaboration allows sub-tasks to be divided between the players with the best resources and equipment


The ambition of BIOMATCELL is to combine the expertise of materials science and medical devices, with state-of-the art and emerging knowledge of biological components, for generating scientific knowledge, product ideas and clinical therapies in the international fore-front of regenerative medicine.


CODIRECT is an Institute Excellence Centre, an important part of Sweden’s new innovation strategy of creating strong R&D environments.


The Berzelii Center EXSELENT on Porous Materials aims at combining high level research on micro- and mesoporous materials with developing specific applications.


The project "Next Generation Paper Substrates for Inkjet Printing" is part of a research program that aims at controlling print quality by understanding and controlling the dynamic processes and interfacial actions that occur as ink jet ink impedes on paper media in the printing process.

SCC - Scandinavian Coatings Center

The centre has unique competences and top-of-the-line equipment. We offer contract research, technical evaluation, testing, investigations and product development within coatings, paint and other surface treatment.

SP Biofuels

The SP Biofuels research platform brings together the SP Group's resources applicable to the production and use of renewable motor fuels.

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