SP Cleantech- Centre for Cleantech Applications for Interfacial Materials

All clean technologies contain surfaces that are critical elements to their efficient function. The aim of SP Cleantech (former Intermat) is to provide interfacial-materials-based cleantech solutions to industry on the basis of needs-driven fundamental research.


Given the criticality of surfaces in the cleantech sector, Ytkemiska Institutet AB (YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry), Sweden’s leading Institute in the area of surface chemistry has launched an internationally competitive centre based on interfacial materials to produce breakthrough research and technology platforms targeting cleantech applications across several industrial sectors. Together with industrial and academic partners, SP Cleantech will build upon YKI’s 40-year history in fundamental and industrial surface chemistry, in particular in the area of coatings, advanced surface treatments and nanomaterials for cleantech applications.

A provider of surface technologies and solutions in Cleantech

The aim is to provide interfacial-materials-based cleantech solutions to industry on the basis of needs-driven fundamental research. The primary positioning of our cleantech capabilities is via:

  • Interfacial technologies (e.g., advanced coatings and surface modifications etc)
  • Materials and nanotechnologies (e.g., for fuel cells, photovoltaics, optical coatings, self-cleaning surfaces etc)
A multi-sector Cleantech partner

The centre will identify, develop and apply inherently surface chemical based technologies that are in the realm of our unique or leading competence, applicable across a range of industrial sectors in the area of clean technologies. In particular we will concentrate on interfacial and nanotechnologies directed at coatings and materials for:

  • energy production
  • energy transport and storage
  • energy efficiency enhancing technologies
  • environmental protection
  • advanced materials from renewable resources

Examples are coatings to keep solar panels clean; wind turbine blades and heat pump components ice-free and soil-free; advanced materials and coatings for fuel cells and solar cells and heat exchangers; superlubricating, ultra-low friction bearings and low wear technologies for engines, generators, drive trains etc.


Cleantech sector companies interested in partnering with SP Cleantech and/or contributing to the direction of research at the centre are welcome to contact the coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Agne Swerin, agne.swerin@yki.se


SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces, Box 5607, SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden Phone +46 10 516 5000, E-mail info@sp.se