Library & Documentation Services

SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces in Stockholm houses a unique library (former YKI Library) with focus on surface and colloid science, but the library covers also a broad range of other subject areas within Technology and Science. We are pleased to offer library services in-house, to member companies and other customers.

 Library Database

The library database with books, theses, proceedings, CD, electronic resources etc is searchable (free access) via our web site.

The current library database comprises about 
5500 books and are continuously renewed with new purchases. Lists of recently acquired books and theses are published quarterly. Member company personnel can obtain books and theses on loan from the library free of charge. E-mail your loan requests to

Publication Database

The publication database comprises about 3400 YKI publications.  Theses and publications published by former YKI, can be ordered free of charge by member companies. Non-members, please see price list. E-mail your orders to

Visit the Library

Member company personnel and other customers are invited to visit the library. The information specialist is happy to help you when needed. Note: To visit the library customers need to contact the librarian in advance for time booking.

Enquiries by phone, e-mail and fax are welcome. They are handled as quickly as possible.

Library database

The Library database (free access) comprises about 5500 books and is continuously renewed with new book purchases.» Read more...

YKI Publications database

The YKI Publications database (free access) contains bibliographic information for publications by YKI staff and by scientists at the Fundamental Surface Science Group KTH/YKI.» Read more...
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