YKI Publications database

The YKI Publications database (free access) contains bibliographic information for publications by YKI staff and by scientists at the Fundamental Surface Science Group KTH/YKI*.

The publications in the database are journal articles, proceedings, theses, diploma works, reports, extended abstracts etc. The database contains about 3400 publication references.


To search the YKI Publications database, choose the alternative ”Gästkonto” (Guest account in Swedish). No account name or password needed.

Search A in the field Publication type to retrieve Journal articles, Proceedings, Book chapters, Doctoral and Licentiate theses etc.

Search B in the field Publication type to retrieve Reports, Master Theses, Diploma works, Posters, Presentations, Extended abstracts etc.

YKI Publications database

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* Consists of some of the researchers at the Division of Surface and Corrosion Science, KTH.

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