1968/69 saw the creation of The Foundation for Surface Chemistry Research (sw. Stiftelsen Ytkemisk Forskning) as the Laboratory for Surface Chemistry was transformed into the Institute for Surface Chemistry. The industrial group was small and limited to Sweden, but the form was in many ways similar to what has proven to be highly functional and operates to this day.


The industrial group behind YKI expands outside Sweden to include also Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Continued expansion within the Nordic region. More companies and new industrial sectors.


The first companies from European companies outside the Nordic region join. Increased internationalization. The second half of the decade sees the first US-based companies joining. In 1995 the foundation is changed to an association due to changes in Swedish legislation. FYF, Föreningen Ytkemisk Forskning/The Association for Surface Chemistry Research is formed.

2000-to date

At the end of 2000 YKI was turned into a limited company with FYF as an owner to 60% and the Swedish Government via a holding company to 40%. When YKI joined the SP Group at the end of 2005 FYF sold its shares to SP. The revenue from this has been invested in novel instrumentation at YKI.

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