Biointerfaces and Biosurface Chemistry

Biological surfaces as surface chemical entities in industrial problems are becoming increasingly important. Significant overlap exists in the areas of adsorption and adhesion in non-biological systems and in the area of membrane self-assembly.


Extension of techniques to biological surfaces and interactions of surfaces with biomolecules, including surface modification, requires the expansion to the more complex bio-realm. This expansion is driven mainly by instrumental advances, particularly the use of AFM, Confocal Raman Spectroscopy, SFG and other surface sensitive techniques. The work aims at characterizing biomimetic and bioinspired, biofilms and other biological interfaces.

Current projects in the field of Biosurface Chemistry are:
  • Marine antifouling paints and coatings
  • Bio-membrane coatings for delivery and release
  • DNA and protein sensor development
  • Raman imaging and spectroscopy on endometrium
  • Protein and peptide adsorption on various surfaces
  • Dirt pick up control - due to growth of organisms
  • Antimicrobial latex development
  • Implant surface modification
  • Hygenic coats and surfaces of medical devices
  • Mouth-feel studies in consumer foods
  • Skin friction perception studies
  • Skin membrane studies for cosmetics and transdermal drugs
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