Cleantech - Energy and Environmental Technology

The concept of cleantech embraces a diverse range of products, services and processes across industry verticals that are inherently designed to provide superior performance at lower costs, greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact and improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources.


Cleantech spans many industry verticals and is defined by the following eleven segments:

  • energy generation
  • energy storage
  • energy infrastructure
  • energy efficiency
  • transportation
  • water & wastewater
  • air & environment
  • materials
  • manufacturing/industrial
  • agriculture
  • recycling & waste

Clean technologies are lighter, smarter and stronger, cheaper to manufacture and operate, less carbon-intensive and more energy efficient. It offers greater service utility per unit of material input and enable virtually zero waste and/or emissions. Cleantech is one of three major areas of technology investment in sciences – along with IT and biotech.

A Wide Area

The term "clean technology" describes technologies developed by biological, computational, and physical scientists and engineers that enable more valuable use of natural resources and greatly reduce ecological impact, although this may be only one of a technology’s benefits. The impact of clean technologies is ubiquitous: there are large and highly disruptive market opportunities emerging in the multi-billion dollar agricultural, manufacturing and transportation sectors, as well as in the fundamental enabling areas of energy and water.

Our Cleantech Research

Our cleantech research encompasses parts of the Technology focus areas

  • Formulation technology
  • Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies
  • Nanotechnology
  • Structured Materials

Particular focus is on  "green", "clean" and "healthy" formulation, and interfacial and nanotechnologies directed at coatings for energy production, energy transport and storage, and energy efficiency enhancing technologies.

Because Cleantech is an emerging cluster of applied technologies covering broad applications in the energy and environment and other sectors, we position ourselves as a leader in certain aspects of these emerging technology areas on the basis of the surface chemical competence and capabilities, viz. green formulation and interfacial technologies (coatings, surface functionalizations) for the energy sector. Examples of the latter are coatings to keep solar panels clean, wind turbine blades ice-free, superlubricating bearings in engines, generators, drive trains etc. Examples of the former are formulating using surfactants and polymers from renewable sources etc.

In more detail, the primary positions of our Cleantech capabilities are in the following three fields:

Formulation technology
  • Green formulations or formulating using renewable resources including surface chemical aspects of biofuel/biomass value chain;
  • Reformulation to meet regulatory or clean label trends;
  • Formulation in the area of biofuels
Formulation and processing for recycling including floatation of inks etc.
  • Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies (including biosurface chemistry)
  • Coatings for efficiency gains in energy in the solar, wind, fuel cell and electric vehicle sectors
  • Coatings and surface modifications for enhanced moisture and oxygen barrier properties in the packaging and corrosion areas
  • Coatings for smart surfaces including self-cleaning, superlubricating, and superhydrophobic surfaces across transport and building sectors
  • Coatings for protection of renewable materials
  • Other coatings for enhanced energy efficiencies and enhanced service utilities including thermal insulation, antiscratch, printed functionalities.
  • Bio-based coats and film technologies across multiple sectors
Nanotechnology and Structured Materials
  • Materials and nanocomposites incorporating surface nanotechnologies for air and water purification
  • Materials and nanocomposites from renewable resources
  • Materials and nanocomposites for energy storage, carbon capture

Our current expertise in the Cleantech area

Our cleantech research encompasses parts of the areas Formulation technology, Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies and Nanotechnology and Structured Materials. Particular focus is on green, clean and healthy.» Read more...
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