Controlled Delivery and Release Technologies

We make use of the expertise in the other knowledge and technology areas to build a platform in the area of controlled delivery and release. A major focus in this area is the development of truly practical triggerable and responsive delivery systems.


Technolgies to be investigated within the area of controlled delivery and release include;

  • Mesoporous particles, porous organic particles and other encapsulation technologies.
  • Cleavable surfactants, responsive surface coatings, polyelectrolyte-based delivery vehicles and other triggerable systems.
  • Controlled deposition of friction/adhesion modifiers/substances on surfaces, physical evaluation of layer properties with respect to adhesion, friction, topography; and psychophysical evaluation methodologies for determining feel.
  • Ink-jet flexographic, microcontact printing techniques, and other non-contact and in-contact printing techniques.

We are hosting a controlled delivery and release centre, CODIRECT, aiming at developing novel and inventive high performance vehicles for controlled delivery and release oc active substances. These vehicles can act to trigger changes in functionality where and when needed. The centre is structured in four supporting focus areas, which are;

  • Sustained release
  • Triggered release
  • Perception delivery
  • Printed functionality

CODIRECT - Controlled Delivery and Release Centre

CODIRECT is an Institute Excellence Centre, an important part of Sweden’s new innovation strategy of creating strong R&D environ-ments.» Read more...
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