Interfacial and Surface Modification Technologies

The performance of industrial and consumer products are more and more competitive and a significant fraction of ALL technologies across ALL sectors rely on their surface properties for performance advantages. We specialize in Cleantech solutions that deliver enhanced energy efficiencies, enhanced environmental profiles and superior performance/cost ratios.


Innovative surface engineering often allow dramatic and simultaneous gains in energy efficiencies, performance enhancement, environmental profile with reduced costs since only surfaces are treated, and not whole products. This "clean" or "green" profile allows the interfacial technology offerings to be very competitive as more companies demand Cleantech solutions.

This together with our significant innovative and knowledge-based capacity in surface property analysis, design, engineering and modification the Institute is in a very strong position to offer innovative products and services in the five main technology areas listed below:

Adhesion, friction and lubrication technologies

  • Superlubrication for next generation bearings
  • Smart adhesives, binders and enhancers (Gecko feet)
  • Particle-containing lubricants
  • Tactility control, biolubrication, bioadhesives (including bioadsorption)
  • Adhesion technologies in packaging laminates
Interfacial transport technologies (mass, heat and electromagnetic)
  • Moisture and oxygen transport modification technologies – barriers, paper sizing
  • Control of molecular migration and distribution across films – latex, chocolate
  • Controlled delivery and release matrices and coatings - CODIRECT
  • Insulation and thermally conductive coatings
  • Anticorrosion layers - cleantech
  • Optical coats – UV protection, IR reflection – cleantech
Biomimetic and bioinspired interfacial technologies
  • Superhydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces
  • Self-cleaning, soil-resistant surfaces and sacrificial surfaces
  • Superadhesive surfaces
  • Bioactive surfaces and biofilm control – e.g. industrial, biotech. devices, medical, marine and architectural/exterior antifouling coatings
  • Biomembrane-based sensors and bio-functionalized surfaces
  • Surface modification for implants – protein adsorption
  • Interfacial perception – skin friction, mouth feel
Printing and plasma technologies
  • Plasma modification and deposition – atmospheric, barrier layers
  • Printed electronics and sensors
  • High performance print coatings – nanoporous pigments
Cleantech surface technologies (see also Cleantech)
  • Coatings using renewable and biodegradable polymers
  • Printed functionality targeted to exact locations to save materials
  • Waterborne coatings
  • Cleaning technologies – plasma, surfactant, enzymatic, chemical

CODIRECT - Controlled Delivery and Release Centre

CODIRECT is an Institute Excellence Centre, an important part of Sweden’s new innovation strategy of creating strong R&D environ-ments.» Read more...

Cleantech - Energy and Environmental Technology

Cleantech embraces products, services and processes that are designed to provide superior performance at lower costs, reduce/eliminate negative ecological impact and improve the responsible use of natural resources.» Read more...
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