Nanotechnology and Structured Materials

We have had a very successful development of materials nanotechnology the last few years, with significant platform development in the production of novel nanoporous and optical pigments.


This has led to an increasing commercial interest in the Institute’s development capacity in the areas of nanocomposite materials (mainly as films), novel nanostructured pigments, chocolate structure and safe nanostructured food and pharmaceutical ingredients, including the development of spray produced nanostructured food particulates.

The Institute has a multitude of novel materials and processes that acts as a platform, and, together with surface modification and structural and interfacial analysis skills, allows the offering of innovative solutions in the nanotech area in the four main technology areas listed below:

  • Magnetic nanocomposite particles
  • Nanoparticle, nanofiber and nanoplatelet reinforced polymers
  • Latex nanocomposites
  • Hybrid materials for light weight, high strength, anti-scratch, wear resistance and fire retardancy
  • Biopolymer composite films, fibers and porous materials
  • Electrospun fiber polymer composites
Nanostructured pigment materials and manufacturing processes
  • Novel materials and their synthesis technologies – nanoporous and nanostructured optical pigments via spray, emulsion and solvent-based syntheses
  • Chemically functionalized nanomaterials
  • Shape and size controlled non-aggregated nanoparticles - photocatalytic, semiconducting and superparamagnetic
Nanostructured food and pharmaceutical materials including manufacturing processes
  • Chocolate structure and lipid phase behaviour
  • Powder technology - Protein, lipid and polysaccharide structures and nanostructures
Nanodispersed systems
  • Particle-stabilized foams and emulsions
  • Stable nanoparticle dispersions

Cleantech - Energy and Environmental Technology

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