Synthesis and Characterization of Structured Materials

Surface-chemical guided materials synthesis of nanoparticles, nanostructured or nanoporous materials is a growing area of industrial interest across many sectors. Surface chemical driven materials synthesis provides fine-tuning and smart approaches to old and new materials in a variety of applied contexts.


This is particularly so in nanomaterials, since the surface of these materials can often dominate their properties and performance. With the added performance of these materials comes an added complexity in the whole field of their synthesis, surface properties and interactions within formulations or matrices.

We therefore put time and resources into research of surface chemistry based, scaleable approaches to synthesis of pigments and particles in order to gain an understanding of the surface chemical aspects of methods for synthesis and modifying pigments and particles used as technologies platforms across various sectors in YKI contracts. This knowledge is also used to generate new materials and processes for new applications.

We focus primarily on new nanomaterials and their hybrids, i.e.
  • Nanoparticles
  • Inorganic/organic optical pigments
  • Nanoporous and nanostructured materials and
  • Structured materials in foods and pharmaceuticals.
Innovative New Materials

Particular emphasis is placed on understanding innovative new materials that can be made via inherently scaleable processes or on finding methods and processes for making new nanomaterials in a scaleable way. The primary target of most of these materials is in coatings and solid food and pharmaceutical formulations.

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