We have a unique combination of instruments in the area of surface and colloid science. Considerable efforts are made in order to have updated instruments as well as updated personnel.


It is important to realize that advanced instrumentation requires skilled and dedicated staff being able to use the instruments in an optimal way. Most often the strength is not obtaining results from a single instrument but rather the combination of two or more instruments giving complementary information.

Our instrument park is divided into the following categories:

Liquid Surfaces
  • Surface Tension
  • Foams and Thin Films
  • Adsorption at the Liquid Surface
Solid Surfaces
  • Surface Modification
  • Surface Analysis
  • Adsorbed Layers
  • Interaction Between Surfaces
Particles and Dispersions
  • Preparation
  • Size and Distribution
  • Physical Properties of Dispersions
Surfactant and/or Polymers in Solution
  • Phase Behavior
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