Liquid Surfaces


Our instrument park is divided into a number of categories. The Liquid surfaces category includes

  • Surface Tension
  • Foams and Thin Films
  • Adsorption at the Liquid Surface






Surface Tension

The origin of the surface tension is the fact that the molecules close to the surface are statistically further apart compared to the molecules in the bulk. Measuring the surface tension of solutions allows the determination of adsorption of components.» Read more...

Foams and Thin Films

Foams are normally characterized by determination of the foam number and the foam average lifetime. The lifetime of a foam can be characterized by the Ross-Miles method or by the Bikerman method.» Read more...

Adsorption at the Liquid Surface

Molecules with a lower surface energy tend to accumulate at the liquid/air surface. The state of the molecule can only be determined through spectroscopy.» Read more...
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